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About American Mechanized Technology, LLC
American Mechanized Technology, LLC is operated right here in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Since our company opened its doors in 2015, we’ve treated every customer like they were priority #1. Other companies may offer similar services, but our services are the best. 
When American Mechanized Technology was founded in 2015, our goal was to be a World Class company. Our Mazak CNC Department has all new equipment. Our 3D printer is the world's only continuous carbon fiber printer. Our 3D Laser Scanner is the most accurate scanner in the world. We use cutting edge technology and new innovation to meet our customers demands. We are a global company, and import stamped parts for a number of industries.

Each part we produce is manufactured to the highest standards. With precision instruments and experience working with a wide range of alloys/materials, AMT is able to confidently meet our customers demands. We utilize certified gauges and have a 100% inspection policy of each part. 

Every day, we challenge ourselves to be the best in the industry. Choose American Mechanized Technology for your next project. 

When describing the AMT shop as a “PRECISION CNC Machine Shop” take note that we have top quality new MAZAK CNC machines capable of maintaining very tight tolerances and producing a superior surface finish. 

However, these machines do not run themselves and the AMT machinists are all veterans with many year’ experience in providing quality machined components to very demanding industries.

The AMT machine shop general locational tolerances are +/-0.003” (0.075mm). General geometric and fit tolerances typically held are +/-0.001” (0.025mm). 

We can hold closer tolerances when deemed necessary. The Cosen brand dual column saw is fully automatic and repeatable to +/-0.010” (0.254mm).

AMT’s machining experience covers working with all common materials as well as some of the hardest and most difficult metals and non-metallic materials available to the general industry. This is the AMT meaning for “PRECISION CNC Machin Shop”; put our considerable experience and abilities to the test on your part requirements.