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American Mechanized Technology, CNC Machining
The AMT CNC Machining Division has over 100 years of collective manufacturing experience that we will put to work with new top of the line technology to offer you services and capabilities  well above that of other companies.

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Engineering services:
 We use the Autodesk Inventor Pro and can accept most drawing file types, or you can have our engineers custom design something for you.

Automation Division:
Custom roll form machinery
Customer automation capabilities

Customer Machining:
  • 2 CNC Mazak lathes (turning capacity 1/4" up to 20" in diameter) with Live Tooling
  • 4 CNC Mazak Mills (milling capacity  27.50"x 60.20 lg)
  • Surface Grinding for Tight Tolerances

Currently being placed in our new location :

Wire EDM

Swiss Turn  (1/4" to 1" diameter, 8" length)

100 ton Crane

SNK Ikegai CNC Cable Type horizontal boring mill 
  • Y-AXIS 78.74"
  • X - Axis 118.11"
  • Z-Axis 62.99"
  •  W-Axis ( Spindle travel ) 27.55"
  • Rotary table size 62.99"x 70.86"
  • Table Capacity 22,000 Lbs

Gray Series  300 4-Axis CNC vertical Boring Mill
  • Table Diameter 144"
  • Max Swing 152"
  • Height under rail 126"
  • Table Capacity 350,000 lbs

Poreba TCG-200/7M Heavy Duty Manual Lathe 
  • Max Swing over bed ways 78.74"
  • Max Swing over carriage 66.14"
  • Distance Between centers 275.59"
  • Weight capacity between centers 66,000 lbs
  • Weight capacity with one steady rest 77,000 Lbs

3D Scanning and Printing 

Creaform Handy SCAN 700
  • Scanning range of .30" up to 12 feet
  • 3D scan-to-CAD reverse engineering of dies, molds, fixtures, jigs, and patterns
  • Reverse engineering for developing replacement or restoration parts
  • tooling validation and inspection
  • Portable; ready to set up on your site in minutes

2 Composite 3D Printers
  • The mark two printer is the world's only composite 3D printer capable of reinforcing parts with continuous long strand carbon fiber, Kevlar, and fiberglass
  • Prints onyx
  • Build Size 12.6"H x 5.2" x 6.3"

Currently awaiting our ISO 9001:2015 certificate, after passing our assessment with 0 findings on our first attempt.
  • ​Steel
  • Stainless
  • Cast Iron
  • Aluminum
  • Bronze 
  • Brass
  • Plastics
The parts above are manufactured to the highest standards. These bolts and nuts are made from alloy steel, certified to heat treat specs, then precision machined. We use certified gauges and inspect each part. 
Every day, we challenge ourselves to be the best in the industry. Choose American Mechanized Technology for your next project. 

When American Mechanized Technology was founded in 2015, our goal was to be a World Class company.

  Our new Mazak CNC Department has all new equipment. Our 3D printer is the world's only continuous carbon fiber printer.

Our 3D Laser Scanner is the most accurate scanner in the world. We use cutting edge technology and new innovation to meet our customers demands.